Hunting Down Them Jobs


This little cute-looking materializy infogram from that I stumbled upon the other day, draws a pretty positive and inspiring picture: the number of tech roles in Miami is rising with every passing month or even day. More and more companies are getting fundings, the start-up accelerators are blossoming and all in all this feels extremely exciting.

Having been job-hunting myself and watching my peers do the same for the past couple of months, I can see the numbers displayed definitely add-up. Most jobs that are being posted on different resources ARE for Java. And most jobs posted, naturally, ARE for senior developers.

Now, if you are a beginner, just trying to make your way into the big bright tech-world, this picture suddenly is not that exciting any more. You send your resume here and there, just to get the response, that you are not qualified enough for the role. Or, that you need to have 3 years of experience for an entry dev-role. Really?
It all gets to people, people, who actually tried their best to turn their lives around, people with tons of drive and passion, that spent months of being jobless and under-slept just to go to a bootcamp and learn their heads off.

Miami tech, I believe, needs to grow-up and realize one thing: bootcamps are not just some playgrounds where kids go to play make-believe programmers. Most people who go to a bootcamp are devoted and passionate individuals that are ready to dedicate all aspects of their lives to the new career. And, yes, they do teach stuff there! All kinds of stuff that you would be surprised can be learnt in 9 weeks.

All they need is a chance. Someone to take them in and give them a little bit of guidance and acknowledgment.
If you look at the LinkedIn profiles of different Wyncode- graduates who got hired by the companies that believed in them and their background, you will see that they actually grew really fast and became irreplaceable at their jobs.

So, Miami-Tech, next time you get a resume from “wyn-coders”, do not toss it aside for the lack of CS degree: test them, try them, give them that so-much-needed chance!
Hope, in the nearest future, this infogram can be tweaked a little bit towards junior-devs, interns, apprentices and alike, who are bootcamp-graduates. Then this picture will truly be inclusive and inspiring!