The End Is Just The Beginning




I graduated from Wyncode Academy over a week ago.

Hello, I am a developer now!

The bootcamp ended. Ended with a river of emotion-driven tears that poured from students’ and instructor’s eyes in mesmerizing unison. The way you connect with people on a very deep level while going through long hours of learning, coding and problem solving, is unexplainable.  What makes you feel so sad on the very last day of a brain-roasting tournament, wishing it could go on for at least a little bit longer? Stockholm syndrome?

The bootcamp ended. Looking back, it makes you question a lot of things they say about life: be rational, keep walking up the straight line, take no risks… If all those people in my Cohort and all other Cohorts all over the globe followed this doctrine, there would have been no bootcamps, no new talents and no broadened horizons. There would have been no applications build in a matter of days for the PitchDay that could potentially turn into something that can make everybody’s life easier, world safe, and problems more scarce.

The bootcamp ended. I got the maximum from it: the knowledge, the mentality, the friends. If this was the end, it was a very good one.

The bootcamp ended, but everything that came out of it and was meant to happen after is just beginning.


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