Week Four



Two weeks have past since the last record. A lot has happened, but it is almost impossible to find a minute, when you are relatively free to do anything apart from studying. I have learnt so much and changed so much. It is my favorite thing right now: to be in the classroom (or outside the classroom) doing homework or just reading documentation on some random APIs, settings and gems.

Wyncode is more than just a bootcamp: Wyncode is a family. On the other hand, maybe it is not always like this, maybe I just got lucky and was teamed up with nicest smartest people for this Cohort. Either way, the process of integrating massive amount of skills and knowledge into my brain has been eased up tremendously by the friendly and welcoming environment that prevails in our class.

Today we are starting Ruby. Finally! The Gem of the collection! Hopefully, whatever I learnt prior to this course, will do me good. Wish me luck! Although, there is no such thing as luck here: just straightforward hardcore practice and exasperating research.