Week Two


Week Two is over. Sitting and listening to some intense stuff about Ionic Framework and feeling awesome… Wait. How did I get here????

Ten hours earlier….

Alarm. Rain. Car. Traffic. Wyncode desk. Coffee. Workshop on how to establish yourself. Lecture. Lunch. More information. Homework. Pizza. Having fun with my classmates. People come in. Speaker starts talking about Ionic framework…..

Oh, thats what happened! You lose track of selfness when doing rapid submersion into the deep waters of code. Balancing on a thin line between the two worlds without anyone to catch me if I fall. There is no option of turning back available. The heart component having the class definition… Extending my framework… Creating my own constructor…


Week One


Week One of Wyncode coincided with Week Last to two breathtaking souls: Alan Rickman and David Bowie. Life as a circulation of old and new, beginning and end;  just like the Turin machine: forever trapped in the binary nightmare of states 1 and 0. Which got me thinking, if the time itself is actually linear , or is it the same waltz of back and forth…

But enough with this philosophical nuisance. The past 5 days have been a hectic transition from being completely overwhelmed Kat into a more relaxed and better put-together Kat. The lectures are all engaging and full of important information, but not hard. The real mental challenge starts somewhere around 4pm every day, when the homework comes out and you push yourself hard to finish it as soon as possible, struggling with frustration and irritation at your own brain, that, for some reason, simply doesn’t want to move as fast as you want it to! I have been feeling mentally out-of-breath this whole week: you feel like you know what to do and how to do it, but only up until the moment you do it. That’s when the conflict between your idea and skill actually takes place.

The other night I felt my physical grey matter cells grow and mature . The dreams were mixed with gibberish lines of code and grotesque algorithms. I don’t think i even create any images apart from the ones i see in the screen during the day.

This Week the world waves goodbyes to two wonderful artists. This Week I wave goodbyes to the old Ruby-unaware Me.

Day One


Just caught my breath after a busy day at the Lab . So many people to meet, so many names to remember, so many notes to take. Busy day. Loved it! Finally after a year of anticipation and preparation I am diving in. You know how they say: you can learn a foreign language by yourself somewhere in a dark basement to perfection, but you will never actually have the language skill, unless you get out of that basement and start talking to someone. Implementation in proper environment. There is no way I could have understood what I was learning and doing by myself for the past year and a half (but again, I am not exactly one of those home-brewed coding prodigies like you or someone you know might be). Here the whole team is making sure now that each and everyone of our Cohort-8 will do their best and “get out of the programming basement”.
Have finished my homework smoothly and instantly and had time to relax in the kitchen with a long-awaited tuna sandwich.
Tomorrow is another day: fingers crossed it is as fun and encouraging as this wonderful, life-changing Day One.



So, a few days ago we finally had our first official gathering: Cohort 8 of Wyncode. Lots of interesting and a bit nervous people packed the room that was going to be our home for the next two months. The excitement and anticipation electrified the air. What to expect? What to begin with? Our TAs, founders and finally the teacher took turns explaining the concept and various reasons for us to be there. I felt like a 17yo self back in my first year of University when the same way my Chinese professor was trying to give the idea of tones and syllables of the language we were going to learn… I was understanding everything but at the same time not having a faintest clue of what the actuality was.

Now I only  have one last day left before the life changes irrevocably. I will no longer be a foreign teacher or a Chinese translator for that matter, but someone else, someone with a completely new set of skills. Ahead of me lies a long road of hard work, disappointment, glory, self-doubt and lots of other stuff that I might not even be familiar with right now. But in the end, according to everyone else who took this journey before me, it all comes down to self-belief, perseverance and gallons of energy drinks….

I can’t wait to Monday.