A few days ago I received my first assignment from school. I got to it right away excited, inspired and full of energy…

…Well, it was not exactly what I’d expected. A pre-work by definition is a kind of “warm-up” before starting some serious business. In my case, though, it turned into hard labour. I wouldn’t call the exercises a brainer, but they are extremely tedious. I’ve been through some long hours of concentrating on a single expression, or of blankly staring at the screen until finally realizing that the error was in somethings as simple as a missing space. So if you (like me) are going to a bootcamp one day, embrace yourself and be ready to sacrifice all your spare time and most probably your whole time to learning.
Looking back, I feel glad having finished beginner’s level of Ruby, Java Script and HTML&CSS. But still I wish I’d looked into the use of Command Line (Terminal, aka “Bash” or “Shell”), the way links work and, finally, the directory on your computer.

I guess, it’s time for me to get back to my pre-work now. Hard to believe that this is just the beginning. Fascinating how the world I’d never even pictured myself in is getting closer and closer with every accomplished task on my MIA Cohort 8 dashboard!

Open House


Finally I saw where my life was taking me: the great leap towards the completely new “me”. The first time inside the walls of the Wyncode school that is going to open a new door in my mind. What is behind it? Seems like it is going to be a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and tons of doubts. But, on the other hand, it promises to take me to a completely different and unexplored world where the most complicated tasks, that a human’s brain is capable of so far, are performed. The creation of a physical paradigm inside another one. Endless possibilities. Futuristic surreal stuff. I am not going to know how to “program a terminator” by the end of the course, of course, but, given the fact that my life was mostly wrapped around intangible aspects of teaching and philosophy, it is a pretty big step. I never even hoped to get close to something both technical and metaphysical like this… becoming a mega-linguist, a creator of reality simply using the power of syntax and semantics. So much excitement!

The most inspiring parts of the evening where in fact two: first, I really fell like it was going to be a lot of fun to be taught by Edward Toro; and second, it felt was like a gust of fresh breeze to see a brilliant girl who had just graduated and already had been in the team that won a Hackathon 2015 in Miami!!! I couldn’t take my eyes of her. Really.

Open House in Wyncode this past Monday gave me even more confidence in my decision. I know that if I work hard and put my heart into it, I will be able to change the world for the best. Even if it is just a little.