The Interview


My first realization of what was really happening came not earlier than a week ago when I finally had the long-long expected interview with Wyncode admission director Diego. Due to a huge 12h time difference we had to reschedule the event quiet a few times, which I am extremely grateful for: first, it gave me some time to sort of get to know my interviewer; second, I didn’t feel as tensed as I remembered myself feeling the very first time I’d sat down by the phone waiting for it to break the silence of a sleeping hutong with its ominous ringing. I was pretty terrified to talk to that god-like, know-everything-about-programming individual from the other side of the planet, even though I had always considered myself a very sociable person. “What if he thinks I am a dummy?” “What if I make a stupid mistake while talking about variables or loops?” “What if….???”- I was stressing too much. And, as it turned out, for no apparent reason! The god-like creature was actually the nicest guy possible with a soft voice and no intension of scrutinizing my knowledge of object-oriented programing whatsoever, the only thing he was interested was…ME! ha! I felt like myself again in no time. I didn’t even notice that an hour had passed since we started talking. It was an extremely intelligent and indulging conversation. I would have carried on for another hour if only we both hadn’t gone hoarse and Diego hadn’t saved himself by having another appointment. After we said our “Good-byes”, I went upstairs( wait, the proper word would be “flew” upstairs) and tried to fall asleep, but my eyes wouldn’t shut, so after half an hour or so, I simply gave in: grabbed my laptop, went downstairs and started learning Ruby on Rails.

The interview: the door that opened a completely new world hidden behind it. I had been learning Java, HTML, Ruby, Swift for a year or so before it. It was more like a hobby, a curiosity, if you ask me. But the hour on the phone with a professional who believes in you, who encourages you and appreciates your abilities is really something!  It changed my state of mind from “I like coding” to “I can do coding”.

Chapter One


So, it’s oficially on. I’m leaving Beijing in a matter of weeks: all these years of growing up and adjusting are going to be put behind. Sad. Excited. Almost panicing. But, yet, mostly excited. My days are filled with endless preparations, final arrangements, and long hours of programming enlightment in front of Codecadamy screen.